Marcin Bartosik

Marcin Bartosik grew up in Krakow, Poland and studied at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow from 2005, where he studied general physics for three years. Thereafter, he decides to focus on experimental physics. Since the focal points of his interests were always lasers, engineering and electronics, he decided to undertake a Master's degree, focusing on the research and development of an optoelectronic device for fibre Bragg grating spectroscopy.

After obtaining his Master’s degree he joined an international team developing the first Polish synchrotron light source facility – Solaris. Since then, he has gained unique experience in synchrotron light source construction and design, and developed his knowledge in radiation protection. Contact with the Solaris team of highly experienced, cutting edge research accelerator scientists and engineers, helped him discover a great interest in accelerator physics and the desire to pursue a PhD in that field.

Marcin joined oPAC as a Marie Curie Fellow in October 2012 and is based at CERN, Switzerland. He is working in the Beam Loss Monitoring group with focus on the development of a Beam Loss Monitors for use in cryogenic environments foreseen to be used in the upgraded Large Hadron Collider.



Beam Loss Monitors for use in Cryogenic Environments