Laura Torino

Laura Torino was born in Naples, Italy in 1988. In 2007 she started to study physics at the University of Pisa as an undergraduate. In the summer of 2010 Laura was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Mississippi in Oxford for two months. During that period she joined the LIGO collaboration (Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory) working on the characterization of auxiliary instrumental and environmental channels used in the latest LIGO science run.

In January 2011 Laura obtained her Bachelor’s degree defending a thesis about the measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and after she started to study for her Master’s in the Physics of Fundamental Interaction. Also during 2011 Laura was a summer student at DESY, Zeuthen, within the PITZ group (Photon Injector Test facility at Zeuthen). During this time she worked on the image processing of raw experimental data in order to measure the size and emittance of PITZ electron beam. In July 2013 Laura obtained her Master's degree from the University of Pisa defending a thesis entitled ‘Filling Pattern Measurements at ALBA’, prepared within the oPAC project.

Laura is employed as a Marie Curie Fellow within the oPAC project and is attending a Master’s in Generation and Application of Synchrotron Radiation within the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Her research is focused on the ALBA beam profile diagnostic.



Optimization of beam instrumentation for light sources