Manuel Cargnelutti

Manuel Cargnelutti was born in Tolmezzo, Italy in March 1987 and studied Electronic Engineering at the Universita' degli studi di Udine.  At the end of the third year he had the opportunity to undertake a five month internship with STMicroelectronics, which allowed him to approach the world of multimedia data processing. He worked on the development of a new algorithm for error concealment in the video transmission, obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in November of 2009.

Manuel continued studying for a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering with specialisation in Microelectronics, graduating in March 2012. During this time he moved his interests towards software development and integration, algorithm parallelisation and databases. For his Master’s degree thesis, he undertook another seven month internship with STMicroelectronics. This project centred on the integration of support for a new streaming standard inside the Android OS.

Currently Manuel is involved in the oPAC project as a Marie Curie Fellow recruited as a Software Development Engineer within Instrumentation Technologies in Solkan (SLO).  His work will focus on the design and development of common applications for measure instruments in different particle accelerators.



Design and development of common applications for different particle Accelerators