Instrumentation Technologies

Design and development of common applications for different particle Accelerators

Trainee: Manuel Cargnelutti
Supervisor: Dejan Tinta

Supervisor Dr Dejan Tinta explains the principle of the functioning of the instrument under developmentThe instrumentation used in particle accelerators for machine operation, and even more so for machine physics, demands performance which cannot be achieved by using generic instruments from the commercial market. Often the only alternative is to develop specialised and optimised instruments in-house. These unique solutions are not directly usable in other institutes. However, for some particular applications, common solutions do exist which can be designed in a more generally usable way.

Trainee Manuel Cargnelutti checks the cable connections and the state of the Beam Position Monitors under the testing procedureThis project, will focus in particular on software architecture in the field of particle acceleration instrumentation.  The aim is to develop generic functionalities and applications that will be useful across a broader range of different target environments. It will then be possible to adapt these solutions to each particular need with minimal effort.



Images courtesy of Instrumentation Technologies

Scientist in Charge:

Elvis Janežič