Cosylab d.d.

Adaptation of existing open-source control systems from compact accelerators to large scale facilities

Trainee: Pavel Maslov
Supervisor: Slava Isaev

‌‌Large scale research infrastructures have significantly more stringent performance requirements than allowed by off-the-shelf industrial automation and control systems. In this project, novel concepts will be pioneered and developed into industrial strength tools and platforms. The R&D addresses improved redundancy management, the analysis of existing protocols to define/adopt suitable candidate protocols and measure/analyze performance and scalability improvements.‌

A paradigm for decomposing large systems into subsystems will be defined and integrated in the core of the control system. In addition, new standards for graphical user interfaces in terms of performance, functionality, extensibility, ease of development, longevity and support will be developed. This includes the definition of a GUI paradigm that will diminish the possibility of human error, which is today one of the causes for downtime of large experimental facilities, and has hitherto not been given adequate consideration. This code suite shall also meet all important industry standards, provide a centralised system management, include on-line configuration of the application, and provide distributed capabilities for archiving data obtained through data acquisition.

Images courtesy of Cosylab 

Scientist in Charge:

Klemen Zagar