CIVIDEC Instrumentation GmbH

Development of a versatile beam loss monitor

Trainee: Pavel Kavrigin
Supervisor: Erich Griesmayer

pCVD Diamond Detector from CIVIDEC Instrumentation. Used at the LHC as Fast Beam Loss Monitors with a bunch-to-bunch resolution of 10 nsThe aim of this project is to develop a CVD diamond detector for charged particles, neutrons and photons. Such properties of diamond as high radiation hardness, low leakage current, low capacitance, high thermal conductivity, and high mobility of charge carriers make it a robust and effective detector material. A number of crucial advantages over common semiconductor materials used in particle detectors pre-supposes a variety of applications of diamond in particle physics and related fields.

This research project involves:

  • ‌design of the dedicated software for PC-based readout system with dead time free data processing;
  • study of interaction of particles with matter and charge collection in diamond;
  • numerical estimation of the possible detector efficiency for different particle species;
  • development of optimal solutions for neutral particles detection with CVD diamond;
  • applications of diamond detector for photon counting and spectrometry;
  • Monte-Carlo simulations of various detector geometries;
  • detector calibration with radioactive sources;
  • beam tests of the detector and the readout electronics and software.

‌ sCVD Diamond Detector from CIVIDEC Instrumentation. Used for Spectroscopy and for Neutron Monitoring at ITER

Possible applications of such a device would include high-energy experimental physics, accelerator physics and medical physics (computer tomography, PET). 

Images courtesy of CIVIDEC


Scientist in Charge:

Erich Griesmayer