Daria Astapovych

Daria Astapovych was born in Sumy, Ukraine in May 1990 and gained her diploma in Physics at the Sumy State Pedagogical University. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics as a teacher during which she undertook pedagogical practice in schools as a teacher of physics and mathematics within the course ‘General Physics/Electromagnetism’.

In May 2012 Daria obtained a Master’s degree in Physics as a Physicist-Researcher and Tutor. She decided to focus on a computer simulation for beam dynamics, specifically in the electron cooling process using BETACOOL. During study for her Master’s in High Energy Physics, Daria worked at the Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. 

Now Daria is a Marie Curie Fellow within the oPAC project. Her research will focus on coherent beam stability for the HL-LHC project at CERN, studying in particular the effect of the longitudinal degree of freedom on the transverse Landau damping.




Optics and lattice design studies for the interaction region design of the LHC experimental insertions