Grazia Scognamiglio

Grazia was born in Pompei in 1987 and studied Physics at the University Federico II of Naples.

As an undergraduate student, she collaborated within the ATLAS group of Naples, developing software whose purpose is the monitoring of muons detectors of the ATLAS experiment at LHC. This work became her Bachelor’s Degree Thesis, discussed in 2010.

In the same year, Grazia started a Master’s course with specialization in Electronics. She implemented and tested communication protocols between FPGAs optimized for spatial applications, adapting them to the requirements of the JEM-Euso project. With this work of thesis, she obtained a Master’s Degree in 2012.

After her studies, she improved her software and hardware programming skills through many stages in private and public companies.

Since January 2014, Grazia is employed as a Marie Curie Early Stage Fellow at the CNA and the University of Seville. The objective of her research is the Optimization of 10Be detection into an AMS apparatus, which will be performed searching for the best operation settings and designing fit modifications to the system.



Optimization of 10Be detection