Photo of Dr Thomas Mohaupt

Dr Thomas Mohaupt (Dr. rer. nat. habil.)

Reader in Theoretical Physics Mathematical Sciences


    Personal Distinctions

    • External examiner PhD Defense Univ Utrecht (Invitation to Perform, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Univ. Utrecht 2011)
    • Invited talk at the Inaugural Workshop on Black Holes in Supergravity, Penn State, September 2010 (Invitation to Speak, Inaugural Workshop on Black Holes in Supergravity and M/Superstring Theory 2010)
    • Invitation for lecture series at summer school, INFN Frascati, Italy, June 2007 (Invitation to Speak, INFN Frascati 2007)
    • Erwin Schrodinger Senior Research Fellow (Invitation to Speak, Erwin Schrodinger Institute 2007)
    • Review Talk (90 minutes) at RTM network meeting in Naples, October 2006 (Invitation to Speak, Organisers of workshop 2006)
    • Lecture series at ETH Zurich (Invitation to Speak, ETH Zurich 2005)
    • Distinguished speaker at Irish QFT meeting 2005 (Invitation to Speak, Trinity College, Dublin 2005)
    • Lecture series at 11-th Haereus School in Woltersdorf (Invitation to Speak, Organisers of the 11-th Haereus School 2005)
    • Visiting professor at University of Nancy (University of Nancy 2005)

    Administrative Roles

    • Departmental Disability Contact
    • Programme Director Maths/Language programmes G1R9, G19R, G19X

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