Photo of Dr Bakhti Vasiev

Dr Bakhti Vasiev PhD

Senior Lecturer Mathematical Sciences


    Personal Distinctions

    • presentation on the Chaste workshop (Dundee University 2016)
    • presentation in seminar program (Invitation to Speak, ONCOLAB, Department of Biosciences, University of Milan 2016)
    • presentation on the workshop "Cell Mechanics and Pattern Formation" (Invitation to Speak, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences 2015)
    • presentation on the BAMC-2015 (Cambridge 2015)
    • presentation on the ESMTB conference (Gothenburg University 2014)
    • presentation on the workshop “Forces in Biology” (Warwick University 2014)
    • presentation on the BBS annual meeting (Warwick University 2014)
    • presentation on the workshop “Physics of Biology” (University of Geneva 2013)
    • Cross-Faculty Workshop “Shared Challenges in High Performance Computing and Multiscale Modelling” (Liverpool University 2013)
    • presentation on the EMBO workshop “Morphogen gradients” (OXford University 2013)
    • presentation on workshop "Pattern Formation: The inspiration of Alan Turing" (Mathematical Institute, Oxford 2012)
    • Presentation on the workshop "Multiscale Modelling in Medicine and Biology", Nottingham (CMMB Center, Nottinham University 2012)
    • presentation on the workshop "Biophysical mechanisms of Development" (Gulbenkian Insititute, Portugal 2011)
    • invited presentation on Applied Mathematics Seminar, Glasgow University (Glasgow University 2011)
    • presentation on workshop "Development: at the crossroads of Systems Biology " (British Coucil, Ronda Spain 2010)
    • workshop "Approximate Approximations and their applications" (Performance of Composition, the member of organising committee, Liverpool 2010)
    • invited talk "Mechanisms of cell movement in biological tissues" (Invitation to Speak, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Florida 2010)
    • presentation on the workshop "Biophysical mechanisms of Development" (Gulbenkian Insititute, Portugal 2009)
    • presentation on the SMB/ESTMB conference (Dresden, Germany 2005)
    • 8th Biocomplexity Workshop (Invitation to Speak, Indiana University 2005)
    • International Conference on Mathematical Biology (Performance of Composition, Dundee University 2003)
    • 4th Biocomplexity Workshop (Invitation to Speak, University of Notre Dame 2003)
    • presentation on the SMB/ESMTB conference (Milan, Italy 2002)
    • University of Colima (Invitation to Speak, University of Colima. Mexico 2001)
    • Integrated Genomics Inc (Invitation to Speak, Integrated Genomics Inc, USA 2001)
    • Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany 1994)

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