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A Museum For Me

Welcome to the 'A Museum for Me' activities! If there were a museum for you, what would it look like? What’s your story that you would like to tell in your very own museum?

These activities, part of the Culture Unconfined festival. include a series of activity packs that help you curate your own materials, think about the objects and images that represent you and your memories, and create your own mini museum.

Want to join in? Here’s how:

Watch our introductory video explaining the project and what A Museum for Me is.

Watch these videos which show you how to put together the kits, using our versions either in English or in Spanish.

Watch and listen to Martha from the group Diaspora Women, who already made her own mini-museum with us in the past, and who will talk you through her museum (in English and Spanish).


Recently, during the lockdown in Colombia, some families in the Valle de Cauca, made some mini-museums in their homes. Watch this video to see their museums, and hear about the stories that they tell. 


Download our activity packs, either in English, or in Spanish:

Museum for Me activity pack (English)

Museum for Me activity pack (Spanish)

Get your pens, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue at the ready…

And get creative!

Share your creations with us

After you’ve finished your mini-museums, or any of the other kits in our activity packs, please take photos of them with us so that we can see what you’ve created.

• Share on social media with the hashtag #museumforme
• Follow us on Twitter: @MVRColombia

Want to do more, see more, learn more?

Click here to go to our A Museum for Me Website, where you’ll find a host of additional festival content, including:

  • El Escenario / Performance Space for Poetry, Music, Dance
  • La Galería / Exhibition Space for interactive visual arts and crafts, film, and photography
  • El Conversatorio / Discussion Space for informal and in-depth debate, opinion and interviews
  • La Biblioteca / Learning Space for Information, links & research resources

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