Palette Student Magazine Launch


14.30 - 16.30pm Room 107-108 (Opposite to Stirling Gallery via the Green Bridge)

No Booking is necessary

Speaches begin at 14.45

Who we are? We are a student-led magazine: our content is created and curated by students at the Liverpool School of Architecture. We voice student opinion on relevant topics related to the arts from an architectural point of view. Palette creates a platform for help students and readers to develop critiquing skills, too.

The first issue of Palette, aWay from Home, is now available on the LSA webpage, and Print-on-Demand. In this issue, we showcase artworks, design and writings about homes, ways of leaving/returning to home, and being away from home. There are contributions from students and staff at the Liverpool School of Architecture, as well as artists and designers based in Liverpool city region.

You are warmly invited to join the launch event of Palette, the student magazine of Liverpool School of Architecture. We will celebrate our first issue aWay from Home and invite your contributions to our upcoming issue. Please join us for coffee, drawings, collaging, interviews, and more!

Find the first issue of Palette: "aWay from Home" here