How to apply

Interested in joining our career development cohort? Here’s how to apply.

Please note: applications for the 2024 Prosper cohort are now closed. For Prosper events, see our upcoming events calendar. 

The main part of your application is a motivational statement, formed of two parts, outlining why now is the right time in your career journey to join the cohort, as well as what excites you about the cohort or how you’ll use the cohort experience to maximise your own career development.

We’re keen to have a diverse cohort that represents the breadth of experiences and backgrounds that comprise the postdoc community.

To achieve this, we encourage applications from postdocs with protected characteristics and/or circumstances that may have impacted their access to development previously.

What makes a good application?

It's important that your application demonstrates why joining the Prosper cohort is right for you at this stage in your career, as well as demonstrating either what excites you about joining the cohort, or how you’ll use the experience to maximise your own career development.

When you write your application, consider the following pointers:

  • Include detail on your understanding of Prosper, which aspects of the cohort appeal to you and why, and evidence and discuss your experience of engaging with the Prosper portal and its resources.
  • Why joining the cohort now is the right time for you in your career.
  • What thought have you given previously to your career development?
  • As a cohort is a community of likeminded postdocs, what will you being part of this community add? What would the cohort/your fellow postdocs be missing out on if you weren’t in it?
  • How are you going to use this career development opportunity going forward?

Being surrounded by like-minded people in the same situation, having the space to discuss these issues in a safe and open way – it gave me the confidence to ask the difficult questions of myself and gain insight, help and advice from peers along the way.

Prosper pilot postdoc, Physical and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

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