Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators and managers of researchers play a pivotal role in postdoc career development. Prosper aims to support them in this.

We acknowledge the role of Principal Investigators in postdocs’ career development and future success. PIs are central to empowering postdocs to use the development time afforded to them by the Research Concordat, embedded into the University's statement of expectations, to take stock and take the right action for their careers, whatever that may be. It’s part of Prosper’s role to collaborate with PIs, working with them to develop the resources they need to bring out the very best in their postdocs.

The Prosper portal holds a series of resources dedicated to supporting PIs in this, including case studies from fellow PIs and best practice examples on how to have career conversations with postdocs.

Prosper PI network

In September 2020, we launched the Prosper PI network, a first of its kind where Principal Investigators and managers of researchers come together to share and evolve best practice in postdoc career development.

The network puts PIs and managers of researchers at the centre of championing postdocs and driving change in how we approach their career development.

The network gives PIs the opportunity to:

• Influence, pilot and shape the development of Prosper and its resources to support both PIs and postdocs in their career development.

• Share knowledge and learn from colleagues across the full range of disciplines at the University of Liverpool and Prosper’s partners, the University of Manchester and Lancaster University.

• Share experiences and build relationships with employer partners, opening up new networks and opportunities for collaboration.

• Raise the profile and recognition accorded to successful postdoc development at institutional level.

Since its launch, PI Network events have been attended by 120 unique PIs from across the three partner institutions. PI Network events topics have included the impacts of Covid-19, mutual benefits to supporting research staff career development, the PI-postdoc relationship, career conversations and creating inclusive research communities.

Resources from previous PI Network events, including session videos, summaries and briefings, are available on the Prosper portal.


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