Our Pilot Cohorts

The Prosper model is tried and tested. Here you can learn more about our two career development pilots.

Learn more about Prosper's model and its impact via our recently published paper: Prosper - A New Model for Postdoc Career Development


"I'm proud of just how far Prosper has come since its inception. All the co-creation, testing and refining has culminated in a genuinely unique offering in the postdoc career development space – a rich and comprehensive set of resources designed for postdocs as postdocs, crafted in close collaboration with our partner institutions, the wider sector, employers, and of course postdocs themselves.   

“I’ve seen first-hand the transformative impact Prosper has had on the postdocs involved in our pilots.  With the successful completion of our second pilot, it won’t be long now until Prosper launches nationwide, and its offering becomes freely available to postdocs and institutions up and down the country. I’m confident Prosper can act as a gold standard for the sector from the get-go, and help drive best practice in this area of research culture.

Anthony HollanderPro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Impact at The University of Liverpool.


Our comprehensive evaluation showcases the findings of the pilot - evidencing the impact it had on the confidence, perceptions, aspirations and behaviours of the cohort as a whole. Our postdoc case studies delve into the stories of some of the participants – illustrating their Prosper journeys and the benefits they gained as individuals.