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The second iteration of Prosper's postdoc career development resource portal is now available to all Univeristy of Liverpool, University of Manchester and Lancaster University staff.

Initially launched in June 2020, the current iteration of the Prosper portal was launched in June 2021 following 12 month's of feedback gathered from postdocs across our 3 partner institutions.

For postdocs 

Our postdoc resources are aimed at enabling postdocs to reflect on their existing skills, values and the career pathways that these open up for them and the action they can take to pursue these further.

They are entred around 3 interlinked themes designed to help you get the most out of the resources:

Reflect – Begin by looking at your existing skills, values and interests, as well as your professional identity as a postdoc.
Explore – Here you’ll find career case studies from former postdocs and tips on how you can find out more about specific careers and roles to help you to begin thinking about different career pathways.
Act – Find out more about how your skills translate beyond academia and get insights into the skills and mindsets a range of employers are looking for.

For Principal Investigators 

We recognise the pivotal role of Principal Investigators in postdocs’ career development and future success. Our initial resources include dedicated information to support PIs in this, including:

PI case studies: Hear from PIs on their experiences of supporting their postdocs’ development alongside conducting research.
Career conversations: Ever wondered how best to approach the topic of career development with your postdocs? Use this section to find out about how to do this effectively.
PI network: Our PI network is open to all academic staff and gives you the chance to shape the development of the Prosper model going forward, as well as to learn from and share best practice with colleagues from across all disciplines.

We also encourage PIs and manangers of researchers to explore the portal resources dedicated to postdocs so that they can champion these to their postdocs.

Future developments

Now available to all University of Liverpool staff, and to our partner institutions, the University of Manchester and Lancaster University, these resources will be curated and expanded before being be opened up to first the N8 Research Partnership, followed by the sector as a whole from 2023. 



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