University of Liverpool Prosper cohort

Please note: applications for the 2024 Prosper career development cohort are now closed. For Prosper events, see our upcoming events calendar.

What is the benefit of joining the cohort?

Regardless of whether you’ve just started your first postdoc position or if you’re an experienced postdoctoral researcher, focusing on your personal career development is crucial. 

For 6-months from February to July 2024, we’ll be running a range of career development sessions for postdocs. All University of Liverpool postdocs will be able to attend these sessions, but as cohort members you’ll get added extras. 

You’ll have professional career coaching, starting with a 30-minute getting to know you one-to-one meeting with your coach, moving to a one-hour long monthly group coaching session for the duration of the cohort (six group coaching sessions in total, one per month). Each coaching group will not exceed 10 postdocs in size.

This is provided free to you as a cohort member, but would otherwise cost you upwards of £300, and represents a fantastic opportunity to enhance your professional career growth and benefit from the community of postdocs in your group, and the cohort at large.

“Coaching was revelatory – it was stunningly effective for identifying my blind spots and assumptions, and getting me to reflect on what I really wanted from my career.” Prosper pilot postdoc, Physical and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

In addition, you’ll have the benefits of being part of a cohort which include: 

  • Cohort-only events (a mix of online and in-person) building on the open development sessions. 
  • Priority access to register for live development sessions where participant numbers are limited.
  • An accountability-cohort buddy scheme, where you’ll be grouped with a small number of your fellow cohort members to encourage each other to focus on your career development. These groups will be re-mixed after 3 months, so you get the benefit of interacting with a broader range of people/views/experience. 
  • A dedicated MS teams channel to keep you updated on what’s coming and as a dedicated space to discuss topics with other cohort members .
  • A monthly email to round-up what has happened, highlight what’s coming up and prompt your career development.
  • The opportunity to feedback and shape Prosper’s career development offering and future cohorts.