Equality and Diversity Group


Terms of Reference

  • To develop strategy in relation to issues of diversity and equality in the School of Physical Sciences.
  • To be aware of responsibilities under equality and diversity legislation.
  • To work on the Athena SWAN process.


NameRole and Department
Prof Ronan McGrath Chair of Group, Department of Physics
Mrs Louise Hobson Head of Operations, School of Physical Sciences
Dr Kamila Zychaluk School Academic Lead for Athena SWAN, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr Gita Sedghi School Academic Lead for Equality & Diversity, Department of Chemistry
Prof Rick Cosstick Dean of the School of Physical Sciences
Prof Neil Berry Head of Department of Chemistry
Prof Rachel Bearon Head of Department of Mathematical Sciences
Prof Carsten Welsch Head of Department of Physics
Prof Tim Veal Department of Physics (Equality & Diversity Lead)
Prof Corina Constantinescu Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr Anna Slater Department of Chemistry (Equality & Diversity Lead)
Dr Marco Giardiello Department of Chemistry (Deputy Equality & Diversity Lead)
Dr Helen Hayward Department of Physics
Dr Helen Cauldbeck Department of Chemistry
Dr Micaela Matta Department of Chemistry
Dr Matt Darnley Department of Physics
Dr Alison Savage Department of Chemistry
Ian Bamber School of Physical Sciences
Julie Clark School of Physical Sciences
Cristi Garrett School of Physical Sciences
Monika Grabias-Rodriguez School of Physical Sciences
Scarlett Royle Department of Physics
Seline Dhinsey Department of Physics
Marianne Scott Department of Mathematical Sciences
James Mead Department of Physics
Daniel Warrilow-Brennan Department of Chemistry

If you wish to raise any Equality and Diversity issues with the group please email spsde@liverpool.ac.uk