Jose Conca: Chile

'Stepping out of your comfort zone to seek new challenges keeps you engaged'. Before his Football Industries MBA, Jose's experiences as a Product Owner at a bank and Data Scientist, have equipped him with an analytical mindset that he's eager to apply to the football industry.

 Jose Conca: Chile

Why did you decide to study an MBA?

Pursuing an MBA is a distinctive experience, primarily due to the diverse individuals you encounter. The opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices with professionals from around the world is truly priceless.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to seek new challenges keeps you engaged.

Furthermore, being able to do this within an MBA programme centred on football, my passion, allows me to blend my love for football with the management expertise I've cultivated over years of study and work.

What do you feel has been the most rewarding element of the programme so far?

The people I've met on the Football Industries MBA have been truly remarkable! We've forged a strong team, even competing in a football league where we remained undefeated, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of our entire group. This commitment extends beyond the academic sphere and encompasses our social endeavors as well. Through this journey, I've not only gained knowledge but also invaluable friendships.

Having the privilege of attending classes conducted by the industry's most prestigious lecturers has been an incredible experience. The class discussions were undeniably the most engaging aspects, were we learned so much.

What do you do when not studying?

Playing football was a weekly tradition, and we also organised trips to nearby regions such as Chester, Manchester, and Wigan. Attending live football matches was a particular highlight for me. I found The English Football League to be more entertaining than the Premier League, and the convenience of train travel allowed us to attend live matches every weekend, which was amazing.

If you share my passion for live football, this is the perfect place for you!

Also, our group frequently went out together. Bold Street, located nearby, offers plenty of entertainment options. Liverpool boasts one of the best nightlife scenes, if not the very best. If you're a fan of The Beatles, you'll find an abundance of activities related to them as well.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying an MBA?

To connect with professionals in their chosen industry right from the beginning and start building relationships can be highly beneficial during your time as a student.  It offers valuable opportunities to establish connections.

Why did you choose the Management School?

The Football Industries MBA is the only MBA programme in the world solely dedicated to football. This offers a truly unique experience. Having the opportunity to live and study in the world's most passionate football region is a remarkable privilege!

What have you learnt from guest speakers so far?

I would emphasize that the most valuable insight gained from the guest speakers included:

  • learning how to make strategic decisions
  • formulating long-term plans
  • recognising the pivotal role of human resources in achieving objectives.

Having Paul Barber, the CEO of Brighton & Hove Albion FC as a guest speaker, and subsequently observing the team's season results, was truly inspiring. It exemplified how effective management plays a vital role in continually professionalising the industry.

What skills and knowledge do you feel you have developed?

Developing a long-term strategic vision was a significant aspect of our programme, and we had access to highly beneficial courses for honing these skills. Additionally, the programme's emphasis on finance and economics has proven invaluable for analysing the financial health of any organisation.

Perhaps most notably, the opportunity to interact with individuals from around the world has greatly enhanced my adaptability to diverse challenges.

What aspects of the programme have you enjoyed most?

The trips to Madrid and Switzerland were undoubtedly the highlights of our experience. Traveling with all my classmates and Dr Tunde Buraimo while visiting some of the most renowned football destinations, made for a truly unique experience that may happen only once in a lifetime.

Learning about Real Madrid's stadium project or gaining insights into Atletico de Madrid's strategic approach are experiences that will significantly impact our education. Moreover, visiting governing bodies like FIFA or UEFA exposed us to the regulatory aspects of the industry and the inherent trade-offs between teams and federations.

What are you enjoying most about living in Liverpool?

I'm truly amazed by Liverpool.

The city offers the perfect blend of an academic environment, football culture, and opportunities for social development. While it may be challenging to attend live matches of Liverpool and Everton, there are numerous alternatives, such as watching Tranmere Rovers or Crewe Alexandra, clubs deeply connected to their respective communities.

For me, Liverpool represents the ideal combination for personal growth and socialisation.