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Catch of the Day

Monday 11th May, 4pm

Red Fox Theatre present: The Making of 'Catch of the Day'

This content is no longer available, as the Culture Unconfined Festival 2020 is now over  

Red Fox present a radio documentary on the making of their debut production, 'Catch the Day', focussing on the political elements of the story, their interviews with those from the Dingle community and culminating in their comic musical retelling of Anglo-Irish history. This is the first time the documentary has been available anywhere.

About 'Catch of the Day'

Ireland, 1966. Joe Welch, a skipper, sails into Dingle Bay with a very unusual catch...what follows is a ridiculous series of events, involving Eamon De Valera, Queen Elizabeth and whole lot of nuns.

​One fish can make a big splash.

​A true story, 'Catch of The Day' is a raucous and little-bit-political play with a lot of heart, a lot of laughs and live trad-inspired music, all set in a Dingle pub.

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