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Double Devolution: Towards a local perspective
January 2024
There is a growing policy consensus which suggests that, in order to address the UK’s spatial inequalities, greater power and responsibility should be transferred, not just from national to regional or local government, but onward to sub-local neighbourhoods and communities too. In this report, Heseltine Institute Research Associate, Dr James Hickson, explores why it is important to consider the case for this kind of ‘double devolution’ from multiple perspectives, and in particular from the perspective of those local communities to which this agenda is most often addressed.

DOI: 10.17638/03177811



Design and Policy: Current debates and future directions for research in the UK
October 2023
Heseltine Institute Co-director, Prof. Catherine Durose has a new report based on the 18 month AHRC funded Design|Policy network involving 700+ designers, policy-makers and researchers and surfaced current debates and proposed future directions for research at the intersection of design and policy-making in the UK. Read the X thread here.

Evaluation of Croxteth Good Help Hub: Full Report
Evaluation of Croxteth Good Help Hub: Summary Report
September 2023
Evaluation of the Liverpool pilot project for the government's Partnerships for People and Place programme, which aimed to test the hypothesis that better coordination within and between central government and local partners can lead to improved efficiency and outcomes.

Full report DOI: 10.17638/03173017

Summary report DOI: 10.17638/03173016

LCR community assets research project final report
LCR community assets research project - key messages
September 2023
This report combines new research and lessons from case studies of community asset ownership and regeneration to build the economic case for greater ownership pf community assets in Liverpool City Region's social economy. Recognising the distinctive role of social innovation in Liverpool City Region, the report presents fresh thinking and practical proposals for anchor institutions on how to transfer underutilised assets into community hands to create shared prosperity for all.

DOI: 10.17638/03173123


Place-based Adult Skills and Training
November 2022
Report commissioned by the Local Government Association to evidence the continuing need for improved adult skills and the contribution of local government to delivering inclusive, economically relevant and place-based training.

DOI: 10.17638/03171827

Situating Climate Change - Project Report
Situating Climate Change - Summary Report
June 2022
Research commissioned by the British Academy as part of its 'Where we live next' programme, to explore local understanding of the relationship between local weather, place and climate change, and how this might inform place-specific climate change communication and engagement.

Weather walks: situating climate change (poster) DOI: 10.17638/03172242

Summary report DOI: 10.17638/03172245

Project report DOI: 10.17638/03171829

Accounting for Natural Capital in Cities
May 2022
This working paper is intended as a resource for policymakers. It summarises research by Research Associate Sawyer Phinney, which explores why and how city governments should make use of natural capital assessments in planning for sustainability and green recovery.

DOI: 10.17638/03173127


Bridging the community asset gap in Liverpool City Region
December 2021
Research findings from a project on social infrastructure and community asset provision in Liverpool City Region. The report uses innovative mapping approaches to identify social infrastructure assets and assess their accessibility to local communities, and highlights the need for an improved data ecosystem to support social infrastructure provision.

DOI: 10.17638/03146186

Level up, recover and deliver clean, green and inclusive growth
September 2021
The final report from the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place’s Build Back Better Enquiry, on behalf of Liverpool City Region All Party Parliamentary Group, launched with a call for national government to “Level Up, Recover and Deliver Clean, Green and Inclusive Growth” for the city region.

DOI: 10.17638/03173131

The city conversation
May 2021
The City Conversation in Clubmoor project aimed to develop participatory approaches to community engagement that would lead to a better understanding of local issues and contribute to the design of more effective public services.

DOI: 10.17638/03152144


After COVID-19: Is Liverpool Still Beyond or Back on the Brink?
June 2020

DOI: 10.17638/03093392

Building Data Ecosystems to Unlock the Value of Urban (Big) Data: A Good Practices Reference Guide
A Position Statement: Building a Data Ecosystem in Liverpool City Region to Unlock the Value of Big (Local) Data
March 2020

DOI: 10.17638/03139604


Towards a Green Future for Liverpool City Region
November 2019

DOI: 10.17638/03061000

Growth, sustainability and purpose in the community business market
March 2019
Produced by the Hesletine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place at the University of Liverpool and Seebohm Hill Ltd. 

DOI: 10.17638/03173138


The Scale, Scope and Value of the Liverpool City Region Social Economy
November 2017

DOI: 10.17638/03071703

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