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Positive Public Policy – A New Vision for UK Government
May 2024
Professor Catherine Durose, Heseltine Institute Co-Director and colleagues discuss how Positive Public Policy (PoPP) can drive performance improvements, save money, foster early interventions, align networks, and build capacity and momentum for more effective government in this blog published by the Academy of Social Sciences.

Original Ideas Podcast - Feminist Cities
March 2024
Professor Catherine Durose, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, contributes to the University of Liverpool's Original Ideas podcast to discuss her work developing the Liverpool Feminist City Network and how to live more justly in an urban world.

(Re)making social infrastructure for thriving communities
January 2024
Sue Jarvis, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, took part in a recent Local Trust seminar on revitalising communities and the role of social infrastructure.



The challenge now for design in policy
December 2023
A new blog for Public Policy Design from Professor Catherine Durose, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, considers how multidisciplinary policy design teams are changing how public policy is made.

The direction of travel for English devolution – a matter of perspective
November 2023
Dr James Hickson, Heseltine Institute Research Associate, and Dr Jack Newman (University of Manchester), suggest that while English devolution enjoys broad support - as the Autumn Statement highlights - there are differing underlying perspectives on what English devolution is for that need to be addressed to avoid tensions emerging among proponents.

Working with residents to secure their economic future
September 2023
In this article from the MJ Dr James Hickson, Heseltine Institute Research Associate, looks at what can be done locally to support communities through teh cost of living crisis, and examines how to tackle the underlying structural drivers of economic insecurity.

What is institutional misogyny in policing and why does it matter?
September 2023
In this article recently published in The Conversation Professor Catherine Durose, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, and Professor Vivien Lowndes (University of Birmingham) discuss why institutional misogyny in our public institutions matters.

The pros and cons of messy devo
August 2023
In this MJ article Professor Catherine Durose, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, and Professor Vivien Lowndes (University of Birmingham) ask if unfinished devolution may feel like a failure to deliver, can we think differently? Could it open up to diverse voices and deepen place-based democracy?

Local policy in uncertain times
July 2023
In this article, published in the MJ, Dr Tom Arnold, Heseltine Institute Research Associate, discusses the impact of uncertainty on local and regional policy.

Insecure Work Series: Addressing the UK’s insecure work challenge
April 2023
In the Work Foundation Insecure Work series Dr James Hickson, Heseltine Institute Research Associate, argues that the UK's insecure work challenge can't be addressed without first tackling the disproportionate power of employers across the labour market.

What does design do for policymakers?
March 2023
In a UK civil service policy design blog, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, Professor Catherine Durose sets out a vision for future policy design.



Insecure Work Series: Why insecure work is a barrier to levelling up
November 2022
In his first blog in the Work Foundation Insecure Work series, Heseltine Institute Research Associate Dr James Hickson asks what does this insecurity mean for communities, and how can those that are already most vulnerable successfully 'level up' against this backdrop?

Engaging with policymakers: Learnings and reflections on the Heseltine Institute's policy briefing series
July 2022
In this blog for the Universties Policy Engagement Network on engaging with policymakers, Heseltine Institute Research Associate Dr Tom Arnold reflects on some of the learnings from the Heseltine Institute series of policy briefings.

Communities in contol: The catalyst for change
July 2022
In this edited collection for the Fabian Society, Heseltine Institute Co-Director, Sue Jarvis' chapter 'The catalyst for change' explains why we need local authorities and local people working together to solve some of our biggest policy challenges, focusing on what is strong - not what is wrong - in the community to inform place-sensitive policy making.


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