Greenbank Student Village

Greenbank Student Village included three new-build accommodation blocks, the refurbishment of Derby Old Court and the Annex, and the conservation of Grade 2** listed Greenbank House. Altogether the student Greenbank Village has taken just under five years to complete, with the handover of the final buildings in September 2019.

The multi-million pound scheme was completed in four phases. Phase one, involved the demolition and rebuild of Derby and Rathbone Halls, with phase two being the refurbishment of the Annex Building and Derby Old Court. Phase three involved the demolition and rebuild of Roscoe and Gladstone Halls and the final phase four was the refurbishment of the original Greenbank.

All of the new buildings were built with concrete frame structures, a mixture of brickwork, glass curtain walling and powder coated rain screen cladding.

The student village provides 1,361 rooms, social spaces, sports facilities, landscaped gardens and an admin hub for undergraduate students.


On this project, we worked closely with the client's ecologists surveying the buildings pre-demolition to estabish any potential bat roosts, bat foraging areas and create alternatives within the footprint of the project. The common Pipistrelle bat was an established species within the footprint of the Greenbank residencies.

The alternatives created included a bespoke "bat hotel" and bat boxes placed in the surrounding trees by the ecologists. Bat roosts were created within the fabric of the new residential buildings.

Greenbank is also home to a bagers set, nesting Buzzards and supports a whole array of common British birds such as Woodpeckers, Blackbirds,Finches and species of tits. There is a large selection of trees such as Beech, Ash, Larch, Yew and Oak. All future projects will be subject ot the same processes where there may be an environmental impace on the surrounding ecology.

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Excellent working relationship with all staff and operatives. A very well run site, an example for other construction companies.

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