Photo of Prof Ahmed Elsheikh

Prof Ahmed Elsheikh PhD, CEng, MICE

Professor of Biomaterial Mechanics Civil Engineering and Industrial Design


    Research Interest 1

    Material characterisation of ocular tissue
    Numerical simulation of ocular biomechanical performance
    Development of medical devices to improve management of eye conditions

    Research Grants
    • Development of New Mathematical Sciences Capabilities for Healthcare Technologies
    • Determination of Corneal Biomechanical Properties in vivo.
    • Impact Acceleration Account - University of Liverpool 2012
    • KEL 12/29 - Improved Management of Meibomian Gland Dsyfunction
    • The ostracod carapace window as a biomimetic basis for development of a novel eye shield.
    • Research into heat transfer modelling within the anteriorsegment/external eye.
    Research Collaborations

    Professor David Wong

    External: Hong Kong University

    Professor Simon Harding


    Clinical assessment of ophthalmology medical devices

    Dr Steve Jones


    Ocular biomechanics

    Dr Yalin Zheng


    Analysis of Ocular Coherence Tomography images

    Professor John Mottershead


    Uncertainty in ocular biomechanics

    Peter Bierman

    External: Ophtimalia

    Collaboration in development of medical devices

    Dr Stephen Kaye


    Corneal topography

    Dr Rachel Williams


    Biomaterials in contact lenses

    Professor Q Wang

    External: Wenzhou Medical College

    Mr John Clamp

    External: UltraVision CLPL

    Dr Pinakin Gunvant

    External: University of Louisville

    Mr Adrian Beasley

    External: Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments

    Professor Cynthia Roberts

    External: Ohio State University

    Biophysics Research Group

    External: University of Cardiff

    Professor Vasif Hasirci

    External: Middle Eastern University

    Mr David Pye, Professor Charles McMonnies

    External: University of New South Wales, Sidney, Australia

    Professor Paolo Rama

    External: St Raffael Hospital

    Glaucoma Research Unit

    External: Moorfields Eye Hospital

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