Department of Materials, Design and Manufacturing Engineering

The Department of Materials, Design and Manufacturing Engineering was established in August 2023, and has over 30 academic staff developing an international cohort of PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate taught students.

Internationally leading expertise in materials, design and manufacturing support cross cutting research themes in Biomedical, Nuclear, Surface and Laser Engineering, Novel Sustainable Materials Development and Advanced Manufacturing and Healthcare Technologies.   The department has strong collaborative academic, clinical and industrial networks and partners with the Albert Crewe Centre for Electron Microscopy, Materials Innovation Factory, and Digital Innovation Factory (IDEAS) facilitating the development of novel materials, structures and products, ensuring delivery of socially responsible impact at a global scale.  The department has successfully supported the spin out of a number of high-profile companies in the biomedical, materials and manufacturing disciplines and utilise this expertise to support the next generation of high impact research. 

Our vision is to utilise our ground-breaking activities in materials, design and manufacturing and to enhance our portfolio of clinical, commercial and societal impact.  To achieve this, we continue to invest in terms of strategic equipment and facilities in our core disciplines but also support emerging disciplines by establishing new multi-disciplinary research areas in Biomanufacturing, Soft Matter, Advanced Materials Characterisation and the use of the latest advances in digital and virtual technologies for enhanced testing regimes.

Our research transverses all scales from atomic layer control of material development and atomic deposition on surfaces through to large scale production of components. Our expertise in human based  design methodologies also ensures a longevity and end user need for our fundamental research activity.

The department delivers a number of research-linked, internationally attractive BEng and MEng programmes in Product Design as well as delivering one-year MSc programmes in Biomedical Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Systems Technologies and Product Design.  We are currently exploring new opportunities for enhancing our programmes to reflect on the innovative and forward-thinking ethos of the departmental expertise and our commitment to delivering the next generation of globally aware, highly employable, solutions focused Engineers in collaboration with advisors from our Industrial Liaison Board.

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