Ocean Sciences

The Ocean Sciences group at Liverpool has an international reputation for its work on climate change, including how the ocean is warming and sea level is rising, and how ocean physics and biogeochemistry interact together, including the cycling of nutrients, trace metals and carbon, and their effects on the ocean ecosystem. 

At the University, the research is focusing on questions of how ocean heat content anomalies are controlled, how carbon emissions affect the atmosphere and ocean, how nutrients are utilized in contrasting environments, how trace metals are supplied in the ocean, and how different phytoplankton species flourish in different dynamic regimes. 

  • Oceans and Climate
  • The School of Environmental Sciences provides a focus for national and international research collaboration, via a number of well-known centres hosted at the University. 

Run in association with organisations such as Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), these centres are influencing worldwide environmental opinion and policy. 

Who we are

Meet the University of Liverpool researchers and collaborators who are contributing to the Ocean Science work.