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Bringing the natural and social sciences together for the future well-being of the coasts and seas

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LISCO is a unique partnership of Liverpool’s three higher education and research institutions specialising in coastal and marine research.  This website is hosted by the University of Liverpool on behalf of the partnership as a whole.

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Blue-Green Energy

Harnessing renewable energy from the sea – using tides, waves and offshore wind – can help avoid the need to use fossil fuels and thus mitigate global warming and climate change.

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Coastal Resilience

Rising sea-levels, potential changes to storm climates and increasing human development demands that our coastlines and coastal communities can both withstand, and rebound after, hazardous impacts.

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Oceans and Climate

Our coastlines and coastal seas are vitally important. Approximately 3 billion people live within 200 kilometres of a coastline, and that figure is expected to double by the year 20.

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Ports and Maritime Industry

Shipping and port operations generate numerous problems for the marine environment whilst marine pollution in all its forms presents a challenge.

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The Bio-Economy

Coastal resources are vital for global food security. Some of the world’s most diverse, complex and productive ecosystems are in coastal areas.

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The Sea and Society

Achieving sustainable coasts and oceans must recognise the importance of understanding and enhancing human relationships with the sea.