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Coastal Resilience

This research theme encompasses oceanography, engineering, environmental sciences and socio-economics. By working together our aim is to provide science-based evidence to support shoreline management policies, while improving predictive capability to forecast events and future changes within coastal systems.

Key research themes include:

  • Improving our understanding and prediction of processes that contribute to hazardous events now and in the future
  • Identify flood and erosion risk management solutions that incorporate natural habitat to sustain healthy coastal ecosystems
  • Assessing the capacity of social and ecological systems to respond and recover to coastal hazards in a changing climate
  • Reduce uncertainty and provide new insights to inform strategic coastal management that ‘builds with nature’
  • Rising sea level, changing climate and increasing human development demands coastal communities can rebound after hazardous impacts.
  • Natural processes continuously change our coastlines. Human interactions add to the complexity of coastal systems.
  • To achieve coastal resilience we must be prepared for extreme events and adapt to the changing conditions over the coming centuries.

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