Ecology and Marine Biology

The Liverpool Ecology and Marine Biology  group employ field, laboratory and numerical techniques to provide an integrated approach to some of the most fundamental questions in our science. 

We are a small but diverse research group, carrying out internationally-renowned research on land and in the sea. We aim to understand how terrestrial and marine ecosystems are structured, how they function and how to manage them.  

  • We cover a wide range of systems, from marine sediments, coral reefs, and coastal zones to upland moorlands, savannas and tropical rain forests.  
  • Our research focuses on marine and terrestrial invertebrates, birds, algae and plants (particularly moorland). 
  • Much of our research straddles theory and practical application. 
  • We are often consulted by Government agencies, policy-makers and industry, especially on issues relating to ecosystem management and how ecosystems change over time. 


Research from Ecology and Marine Biology has a wide range of facilities


Find out more about Impact in Ecology and Marine Biology and what we do.

Who we are

Find out more about who we are and what we do.