Benefits for participants

PAL sessions provide you with social and academic support. The PAL scheme allows you to:

  • discuss problems on a one-to-one basis.
  • improve both your independent and teamwork skills.
  • improve your communication skills.
  • develop relationships with fellow students in your year, as well as the PAL leaders.
  • be able to discuss ideas with other students with varying perspectives to help better your understanding of a given topic.
  • ask other students questions you may feel too embarrassed to ask lecturers.

In addition, engaging with the PAL scheme helps you to:

  • increase your confidence in problem areas
  • feel more confident when talking to “authority figures” such as lecturers
  • understand the concepts of the course
  • advance your understanding of maths and ultimately, helps you to advance to higher tiers
  • develop study and learning strategies
  • integrate more quickly into university life
  • be better prepared for any assessment and exams