Chemistry Department Seminars 2022-23

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 3:00pm in the Brunner Lecture Theatre unless stated otherwise.

12 October 2022 Michael Seery, Open University Developing a coherent laboratory curriculum for chemistry
26 October 2022 Frederic Blanc, University of Liverpool Inaugural Lecture: A Magnetic Journey
2 November 2022 Taylor Sparks, University of Utah TBC
16 November 2022 Peter Webborn, AstraZeneca Optimising Pharmacokinetic properties in Drug discovery – Why “clearance” is the key parameter
7 December 2022 Jeremy Burrows, Medicines for Malaria Venture Antimalarial medicinal chemistry learnings: DSM265 case study
15 February 2023 Professor Liam Ball, University of Nottingham New strategies for the arylation of weak nucleophiles
22 February 2023 Tom McDonald, University of Liverpool From Nanomedicine to Recycled Plastics
1 March 2023 Rebecca Melen, University of Cardiff Single or Double? A radical approach to Frustrated Lewis Pairs
8 March 2023 Steve Rannard, University of Liverpool Transfer-dominated Branching Radical Telomerisation: a novel polymerisation chemistry for branched macromolecule synthesis
15 March 2023 Armido Studer, University of Münster N-radicals - past, present and future
22 March 2023 Steve Goldup, University of Southampton Synthesis and application of mechanically chiral molecules
19 April 2023 David Hong, University of Liverpool Designing bespoke chemical probes for biological investigations
3 May 2023 Fernanda Duarte, University of Oxford RSC Award Lecture
7 June 2023

Paolo Melchiorre, University of Bologna 

Photochemistry & Organocatalysis: New Radical Opportunities