Chemistry Department Seminars 2018-19

20 February 2019 Fiona Meldrum, University of Leeds RSC Award Lecture: Crystallisation in Confinement – A Biological Perspective
30 January 2019 Jonathan Clayden, University of Bristol  RSC Award Lecture: Controlling Molecular Conformation: Reactivity, Relays and Receptors
21 November 2018 Steven L. Tait, Indiana University Single-site Heterogeneous Catalysts by Metal-ligand Coordination Strategy: From Model Systems in Vacuum to High-pressure Catalysis on Oxide Supports
24 October 2018 Stephen Mann, University of Bristol Protocells: the Chemistry of Life-like Objects
17 October 2018 Kilian Muniz, ICIQ in Tarragona Oxidative Amination within the Halide Redox Manifold
13 September 2018 Joseph A Vetro, University of Nebraska Increasing the Potencies of RNAi Molecules for the Systemic Therapy of Cancer

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