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A Joint industry - academic PhD studensthip is available:

1.Carbon dioxide utilisation from captured industry emissions: Carbon capture and utilization (CCU) is anticipated to be a key technology for enabling industrial decarbonisation. Critical industries such as glass and steel manufacture will continue to be significant emitters of CO2 for the foreseeable future. Carbon capture offers a way to mitigate the environmental impact and utilization provides a way to take a waste-molecule (CO2) and turn it into a useful product.

The overall objective of the project is to develop new electrochemical approaches to carbon dioxide utilization. Electrocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction to useful fuels and feedstocks is reported however integration with capture technologies is not yet viable. This studentship, which is part-funded by an industrial partner will explore the use of electrochemical approaches for both carbon dioxide capture and utilization. The successful candidate will work within our interdisciplinary research team to develop novel electrocatalysts/electrode structures and explore the viability of their deployment in real-world scenarios

Full details of ahow to apply are available here: The studentship provides a 3.5 yr stipend at UKRI rates and funding for UK fees. To discuss informally please email


Postdoctoral positions:

Applications from researchers interested in hosting fellowships in the lab are encouraged and when available funded posts will be advertised on