Indrajeet Prasad

Indrajeet Prasad has worked as an Assistant Researcher at Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania from April 2015 to October 2016 under FP7 Marie Curie Research project “EMVeM: Energy Efficiency Management for Electrical Vehicle and Machines”. His research was focused on “New topology modelling and design flow of hybrid energy storage system combined with Li-ion battery and supercapacitor for electric mobility vehicles”. His work was focused on developing a hybrid energy storage system for e-bike based on a multiple converter topology which allows optimization of power flows in the storage system while reducing the power losses during the conversion. The topology introduced an intelligent power management, which increased the lifespan and energy efficiency of the e-bike. He has also worked for 4 months as a Scientific and Technical Specialist at AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland.

He has attended a short educational program on “Beyond Smart Cities” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA in July, 2016. Indrajeet Prasad has completed a Master degree in Control in Electrical engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland in 2013. His master thesis was focused on “Line differential protection insensitive to CT saturation”. Where he designed and implemented a suitable power system model and developed a differential protection algorithm for power transmission line with the effective elimination/reduction of errors due to saturation of current transformers.

During his master degree, He has also worked as an apprenticeship at ABB, Polska.  His work was focused on control and automation engineering. He has been involved in researching control functions and developing algorithms on ABB extended automation system 800xA configuration program using IEC 61131-3 languages. He was involved on a project “Visualization system for coal handling in heat and power plant Karoline (Poland)” using ABB’s DSC system function block and setup control module. He has also completed his master project “Adaptation of Gas and Steam flow correction function to the SIL-requirements” using the EA system 800xA with AC 800m controller at ABB in Wroclaw, Poland

He graduated in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from West Bengal University of Technology, India in 2011 where his bachelor thesis was focused on “Micro-controller based home security system”.

Indrajeet has joined the AVA network in June 2017 at FOTON in Czech Republic and he will pursue his doctoral degree at Czech Technical University, Prague.

He is working on the project: “High Stability, rampable Power Supplies for accelerator application (e.g. keV Ion Beams)”. During his research work at FOTON, he will first develop power supply requirement table of all trap experiments, the ELENA beamlines, as well as ELENA and FLAIR rings and then work with CERN and GSI on defining a suitable interface for their seamless integration into the respective accelerator control system. Then he will design, build and test the prototype of Power supply at FOTON in collaboration with all WPs of the network.



High stability, rampable power supplies for keV ion beams