High Stability, Rampable Power Supplies for keV Ion Beams

Trainee: Indrajeet Prasad
Supervisor: Jaroslav Moravec

Critical for beam storage and energy ramping in a storage ring and efficient beam transport from a ring to the experiments are power supplies that have a stability of better than 10-4, can be ramped over more than one order of magnitude in output voltage in 1 s over a linear ramp and that can be smoothly integrated into the accelerator control system.

In this project high precision power supplies will be designed, built and tested for use in the beam lines and rings within AVA. For this purpose a comprehensive data base showing the power supply requirements of all AVA experiments, the ELENA beam lines, as well as the ELENA and FLAIR rings in terms of voltage range, temperature and absolute stability, ramp speeds, etc. will be developed. This shall then be used to define a suitable interface for their seamless integration into the respective accelerator control system.

Prototypes of the supplies will then be designed, built and tested in collaboration with Fellows from across the network.