CIVIDEC Instrumentation GmbH

Novel Diamond-based Detector for Beam Characterization 

Trainee: Miha Cerv
Supervisor: Erich Griesmayer

Diamond has been used for many applications in beam instrumentation. This project will study the use of μm ultra-thin diamond layers as beam position and profile monitors in low energy antiproton beam lines.

It is planned to develop a new type of beam monitor which is based on thin diamond membranes on the one hand and pixelized diamond electrode structures on the other. Initial simulations have indicated a position resolution in the sub-micrometer range and at extremely fast counting rates in the range of Gigahertz, fully exploiting the advances of diamond as radiation sensor material. The project will detail these simulations and prototype detectors will be established and thoroughly tested.


Beam Diagnostics and Particle Detection

Trainee: Vassilis Vrettakos
Supervisor: Erich Griesmayer

This project will be investigating the application of a diamond membrane detector for Antimatter research. The fellow will be analysing experimental data taken during beam tests with a prototype detector in 2017-2018 at the AEGIS experiment at CERN. It will involve studying the interaction mechanisms of antimatter with matter and will design an ultra-thin, vacuum compatible diamond membrane detector and the related front-end electronics. The fellow will gain hands-on experience in detector design, read-out electronics, digital data processing and data analysis.