Stefan Meyer Institute (OEAW)

Ramsey Technique to Measure Ground-state Hyperfine Structure of Antihydrogen

Trainee: Amit Nanda
Supervisor: Eberhard Widmann

A Ramsey technique shall be integrated into an existing setup at the AD to measure the ground-state hyperfine structure of antihydrogen with an improved precision by a factor of 10, compared to the precision which can be achieved with the currently used setup, and thus provide one of the most sensitive tests of CPT invariance ever performed.    

For this purpose, a hyperfine spectrometer line with two cavities will be optimized through simulations that will be done in collaboration with other AVA Fellows. This setup will then be tested using a polarized hydrogen source. Measurements into the antihydrogen ground-state hyperfine structure will be carried out targeting a significantly higher precision of up to a factor 10.