Forschungszentrum Jülich

Liquid Target-based Antiproton Detectors 

Trainee: Dominika Alfs
Supervisor: Dieter Grzonka‌

For beam monitoring purposes parallel plate avalanche counters (PPAC) and segmented Si-detectors are currently used at the AD, however, this will no longer be possible at energies of 100 keV or below as required for ELENA and FLAIR.

To identify possible alternatives, small liquid hydrogen and deuterium targets will be studied within this project. These will trigger annihilation events and shall be used to monitor the beam track via straw tubes or scintillators.

Using the expertise at FZJ in target development Monte Carlo simulation studies will first be carried out to understand the performance limits and key requirements of the detector. On this basis a prototype will be designed and built before being used for experimental studies at the AD. Based on results from measurements a final design for optimum integration into experiments at ELENA and FLAIR will be made.

For the target development several approaches will be followed, including gaseous target cells with very thin walls and solid targets prepared by condensation at a cold backing. In order to transport the cooling power nearly masslessly, heat pipe techniques will also be considered. Finally, careful balance between track resolution and straggling induced by the detector materials will be sought through studies of Si-μ-strips, straw-tubes, scintillation fibers and GEM-foil detectors.