Forschungszentrum Jülich

Liquid Target-based Antiproton Detectors 

Trainee: Dominika Alfs
Supervisor: Dieter Grzonka‌

For beam monitoring purposes parallel plate avalanche counters (PPAC) and segmented Si-detectors are currently used at the AD, however, this will no longer be possible at energies of 100 keV or below as required for ELENA and FLAIR.

To identify possible alternatives, small liquid hydrogen and deuterium targets were studied within this project. As one option, a tracking detector built out of thin scintillating fibers that do not disturb the beam, was investigated.

The detector would allow for reconstruction of the beam profile from the tracks of annihilation products. Challenges of working with thin scintillating fibers and their performance as building blocks of a tracking detector was tested during the beamtime of P349 antiproton experiment.

A suitable detector system was designed after preliminary tests of individual components and is now investigated and optimized by Monte Carlo simulations.