University of Manchester

Optimization of Degrader Integration, Beam Injection and B-field Measurements 

Trainee: Siara Fabbri
Supervisor: William Bertsche

The optimization of degrader integration, improved beam injection, and high precision magnetic field measurements will be studied in this AVA project. These techniques and associated hardware developments will allow performing antihydrogen experiments with significantly higher efficiency and thus benefit all trap-based developments within the network.

A non-destructive beam counter will be prototyped for quantifying antiprotons extracted from the catching trap. In addition, non-destructive diagnostics for trapped plasma modes will be used to characterize particle temperature and perform in situ measurements of magnetic field critical to precision microwave and optical spectroscopy.

In order to mitigate the issues of magnetic fields, a technique for extracting antiprotons from a high magnetic field region to a low field Paul trap will be developed to use as a compact, zero magnetic field antiproton source. This requires ambitious femto-Coulomb charge-sensitive devices operating in the penning traps used for antihydrogen trapping techniques. Future high precision measurements on antihydrogen are likely to require greatly reduced magnetic fields, and development towards extracting antiprotons into zero-field regions will open new possibilities in precision antimatter research. These developments are critical for the success of performing both antimatter gravitation and hyperfine measurements on trapped antihydrogen and hence will be useful also to the other projects within AVA.