Max Planck Society (MPG) via the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK)

Sympathetic Cooling of Antiprotons 

Trainee: Markus Wiesinger
Supervisor: Stefan Ulmer and Klaus Blaum

The advances in laser cooling of trapped ions with precision (anti)proton spectroscopy and antihydrogen ground state hyperfine splitting spectroscopy will be combined in this project to perform stringent tests of CPT invariance.

Sympathetic cooling of antiprotons will be achieved by coupling them to laser-cooled ions. This shall provide the coldest antiprotons ever observed and will improve both sampling rate and precision in single antiproton spectroscopy by orders of magnitude. A technique to cool particles without optical spectra by resonant coupling of the particles to laser-cooled ions will be developed, based on a proposal by Wineland and Heinzen, targeting exchange times of motional energies on sub-s time scales.

‌The project will constitute a considerable upgrade of the CERN’s BASE experiment. It will involve work on cryogenic trap design and laser physics with a focus on the application of the technique to cool antiprotons sympathetically by laser-cooled ions. 

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