Cryogenic Detectors for low Energy Particle Detection

Trainee: Ilia Blinov
Supervisor: Stefan Stahl

The trap experiments at the AD and FLAIR used e.g. for precision determination of the antiproton magnetic moment require amplifier technologies with superior sensitivity and ruggedness.  This project targets the advancement of single particle detectors, integrated in a cryogenic environment.

It will link the expertise from Stahl Electronics and GSI and targets measurements for detector characterization and dedicated extensions to trap experiments.

The R&D aims at the provision of a novel detection system, which will be easier to operate, rugged under adverse conditions as found at ELENA and FLAIR and feature much higher detection sensitivity, down to single particles, by using latest generation electronic detectors from STEL. Moreover, resonators connected to the system shall be abandoned, yielding true broad-band detection technology.