Student profile: Bethany Mallard


Why did you choose to study Architecture at the University of Liverpool?

A variety of study abroad/ opportunities to travel. Wanted to be in a big city. History = The first RIBA accredited architecture course. League tables.


What do you enjoy most about the course, and why?

The opportunity to design / be creative and watching myself improve. I find the design modules fun and challenging and I like to learn.


Can you tell us about an exciting project you have completed on your course?

The first project in second year: Elevate. We had three weeks to design an elevation on a street of terraces and draw a rendered elevation, visual and a floor to ceiling detail. First time using AutoCAD/ rendering in a project and the time constraint seemed quite daunting. However, I worked hard and was proud of the quantity and quality of work I produced given the time and lack of experience. A huge improvement from first year.


What does Liverpool have to offer as a city?

Really nice atmosphere, beautiful architecture, lovely people. Lots to do, great nightlife.


Can you tell us about the teaching methods/how your learning has been facilitated?

Regular tutorials so someone is always seeing your work keeping you on the right track. There is always support and opportunities to ask if stuck/ email if I need advice. We have additional talks on zoom to supplement our learning.


What extra-or co-curricular activities do you take part in, and how do these affect your student experience?

Made some of my best friends through ACS (afro Caribbean society) and improved my social life. Also working as a student ambassador has been great experience and personal growth.


What are your ambitions for the future and how will your experiences at the University of Liverpool help you in your future career?

Looking to become a fully qualified architect. The uni has given us a lot of information about what to expect in the next stages. I feel confident enough to go into an architectural practice, knowing I still have much to learn. In my year out will have a lot of support from the university and feedback.