The Colin Rowe Blog

Colin Rowe (27 March 1920 - 8 November 1999) was one of the greatest architectural theorist writing in the English language. Rowe graduated from the University of Liverpool with a B.Arch in 1945, and after graduate studies at the Warburg Institute, he taught at the University of Liverpool School of Architecture from 1948 to 1951. Sam Stevens, Robert Maxwell and James Stirling were his students.  In 1951, he moved to the USA, attending Yale briefly before teaching at the University of Texas-Austin. In late 1958, he returned to the UK to teach at Cambridge. In 1962, he began teaching at Cornell University. Among his seminal texts “The mathematics of the ideal villa” (1947), and - with Fred Koetter - “Collage City” (1978). 

The blog, created by Daniel Naegele and Zhengyang Hua, commemorates the centenary of his birth, 27 March, 2020. Please contribute to it – a birthday greeting, a casual memoir, a scholarly reflection, photographs, drawings, or letters from Colin.

Daniel Naegele is the author of The letters of Colin Rowe: five decades of correspondence (2016) 

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