Lecture Series: Professor Robert Nicholls

Middle aged man with short whitye hair standing next to a bronze sculpture of John Lennon.

Liverpool, what I learned, and didn't learn

Wednesday 20th March 2024 1pm Reilly Room

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Introduced by Professor Iain Jackson


Robert Nicholls will talk about his time in Liverpool in early post war years, the School of Architecture at that time, its faculty and program.

"what they taught me, and after graduating what I learned in my professional life that they hadn't taught me!"

Includes the Professor Robert P Nicholls Travel Award at 14.00

The Winners of the first award in 2023 present their travels, with Toby Barlow and Samantha Woods.


Professor Nicholls is Dean and Professor Emeritus at the College of Environment and Design (formerly School of Environmental Design) at the University of Georgia, having been Dean of the School from 1973 until 1983 before his retirement in 1996. After graduating from the University of Liverpool, he completed a master’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, before going on to practise in Canada, prior to joining the University of Georgia. Since his retirement, he has travelled extensively and is also a keen photographer. In 2023 Professor Nicholls has set up a generous endowment with the University of Liverpool to support two students each year with the Professor Robert P Nicholls Travel Award and The Professor Robert P Nicholls Support Grant.