The Accommodation Discount Guidelines

Academic Year 2019/20

1) Scope of the Guideline

1.1) These regulations apply to Undergraduate Students who are in receipt of one of the qualifying awards, listed below and who are living in University of Liverpool accommodation for the full accommodation contract of either 39 or 42 weeks.

1.2) Qualifying Award:

  • The Liverpool Bursary
  • The Care Leavers’ Opportunity Bursary
  • The Liverpool Scholars’ Award
  • The Realising Opportunities Award
  • The North Liverpool Academy Scholarship
  • The Liverpool Life Sciences University Technical College Scholarship
  • The City of Liverpool College Scholarship
  • The Mature Students’ Bursary
  • The Estranged Students’ Bursary
  • The Young Adult Carers’ Bursary

1.3) The Halls of Residence included for the Accommodation Discount are:

  • Crown Place
  • Dover Court
  • Greenbank Student Village
  • Melville Grove
  • Philharmonic Court
  • Tudor Close
  • Vine Court

2) The Accommodation Discount

2.1) For Academic Year 2019/20, the Accommodation Discount will be a value of £800.

2.2) The Accommodation Discount will be split in 2 equal amounts of £400 and discounted from the accommodation payments due on 10th January 2020 (second instalment) and 10th April 2010 (third instalment).

2.3) Where students have paid their accommodation fee in full at the start of the academic year, the £800 Accommodation Discount will be allocated against your accommodation fee and you will be contacted regarding a refund.

3) Additional Information

3.1) Where a scholarship or bursary is dependent on household income and, as a result of a change in income or a reassessment of the income, the student ceases to be entitled to the Liverpool Bursary, they will be required to pay the full Accommodation Fee. If their entitlement to the scholarship or bursary reduced, the full Accommodation Discount will still be applied.

3.2) Where a student leaves University of Liverpool accommodation before the end of their contract, their eligibility for the £800 Accommodation Discount will be reduced pro rata to the accommodation fee charged with inclusion of the 28 day notice period.

3.3) Full information on the qualifying awards for the Accommodation Discount can be found at:

Updated 20th September 2019

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