Maternity Guidance

Here you will find guidance on all aspects of Maternity Leave, including eligibility for leave and pay, the application process and key dates and deadlines. 

Eligibility for Maternity Leave

All eligible female members of staff are entitled to take a maximum of 52 weeks of Maternity Leave, regardless of length of service. Please see the maternity policy for details of eligibility for statutory and occupational maternity pay. 

Applying for Maternity Leave

If you are pregnant member of staff, or if you are the line manager of a pregnant member of staff, the flowcharts below will take you step-by-step through the process of applying for and managing Maternity Leave. Please choose the document relevant to your position for guidance. 

Maternity Leave Flowchart - Fixed Term Employee

Maternity Leave Flowchart - Line Manager

Maternity Leave Flowchart - Permanent Employee

Maternity Leave Flowchart - Principle Investigator

To apply for Maternity Leave you should complete an Employee Request in CoreHR, and attach your MAT B1. 

Maternity Checklist for Employees 

For UKRI (formerly RCUK) grant holders - Maternity Leave guidance is available in the Terms & Conditions

Antenatal Care

You are entitled to paid time off for antenatal care recommended by a doctor, nurse or midwife. In addition to medical care, this can also include antenatal or parenting classes. 

You cannot take time off for antenatal appointments until you have told the University about the pregnancy, and you may be asked to produce the relevant appointment card or evidence that the appointment has been made. However, this does not apply to the first appointment you may make to confirm that you are pregnant with a medical professional.

The University cannot unreasonably refuse to give pregnant employees time off for antenatal care or refuse to pay their normal rate for this time off. The University also allows partners paid time off to attend two antenatal appointments.

Free Swimming for Pregnant Employees 

Sport Liverpool offers free swimming to any staff at the University of Liverpool throughout your pregnancy. All you have to do is provide your Mat B1 form or maternity exception certificate/card to reception once it has been signed by your midwife or doctor and sent to HR. This is a fantastic opportunity to maintain your fitness and relax during your pregnancy.

Swimming is an excellent form of supported exercise during pregnancy and may provide benefits such as relieve aches and pains. Here is a good guide to the benefits, along with safety tips and suggested swim workouts.

The Sport Liverpool swimming pool timetable can be viewed here.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Ryan Swinney, Sport Development Officer

Maternity Pay

You may be entitled to varying levels of Maternity Pay during your Maternity Leave. The flowchart below will help you to understand your entitlements.

Maternity Leave Flowchart - Qualifying for Maternity Pay

Keeping in Touch

Every member of staff is entitled to up to ten Keeping in Touch (KIT) days throughout their Maternity Leave, which can be used to attend meetings and conferences or plan your return to work, for example. For more information on this topic, please see the Keeping in Touch web page. To apply for a Keeping in Touch day, please use the form provided below.

Keeping in Touch Days web page

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