Liverpool Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Citizens’ Jury

A Citizens’ Jury was run in January 2022 to explore attitudes and perspectives about relationships among public and private entities collaborating to monitor and develop responses to antimicrobial resistance in the Liverpool City Region.

The jury of 18 Liverpool City Region residents met and questioned key expert witnesses who gave them insight into the local and worldwide impacts of AMR. A potential University of Liverpool research programme aimed at tackling AMR was also considered.  Jurors’ views on AMR and the research programme were recorded fully in the Citizen Jury Reports.  This event marks the beginning of a conversation with the people of Liverpool regarding a proposed AMR research programme.

As a jury we have collaborated to find the best ways of both protecting public data and providing information to the relevant bodies in the continued effort to research and resolve AMR. The work has been challenging and multifaceted, with many different perspectives which all raised unique points

Liverpool Citizens’ Jury Member – January 2022

The University of Liverpool commissioned the jury as part of its strategic commitment to involving local citizens in the co-design of research and development. This jury will provide insights for two University of Liverpool programmes; the Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutics (APT) Group (formally known as the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Disease Research (CEIDR)) and the Civic Data Cooperative (CDC).

Find out more about the AMR Citizens’ Jury in the AMR Executive Summary and the AMR Full Report.

Funding for the AMR Citizens’ Jury was provided by (in alphabetical order) the Civic Data Cooperative, Pfizer Inc., and the University of Liverpool.

Project sponsors commissioned the Center for New Democratic Processes, creators of the Citizens’ Jury process and global leaders in deliberative public participation and civic engagement, to design and facilitate this event in partnership with Citizens’ Juries CIC, a Manchester (UK) based social enterprise.

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