Climate Action Working Group

Our objective is to ensure our campus has maximum positive environmental impact, is climate-resilient and that we achieve net zero carbon by 2035.

The Climate Action Group is an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students. We are dedicated to adapting to and mitigating against global climate change, and to identify solutions to these serious issues.

To do this, we aim to increase awareness of the consequences of climate change and provide leadership through research, education and engagement activities.  Working in collaboration with other working groups and departments, the Climate Action Group supports the development of a Net Zero Carbon Roadmap, and will be developing a wider Climate Adaptation Plan.

Chair of the Climate Action Working Group
Karl Whittle - Professor of Zero Carbon and Nuclear Energy

After completing PhD and being a postdoc at the Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Sheffield, Karl moved to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in 2007, the UK in 2012. In 2015 he moved to Liverpool with interests in zero carbon and nuclear energy, primarily low/zero-carbon energy, new materials for nuclear, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and the development of hydrogen as a viable energy source/vector.

“We are ensuring the university achieves net zero carbon emissions is vital for a sustainable future, the climate action group is providing options to achieve this by 2040.” Karl Whittle

“We are minimising the impact on the planet is key for a sustainable future, ensuring the university plays its part and achieves a net zero carbon future is vital in achieving that future.” - Anthony Hollander

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