A sustainable University of Liverpool

We are building a community of sustainability advocates and harnessing our strengths in research and education to address the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Professor Dame Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor

"The University of Liverpool has proud civic roots. We are part of the fabric of our city, accountable to our Liverpool community, and socially invested in improving the lives of everyone who works and studies here. In signing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have committed to work to address the global challenges facing society and the environment today, by improving health and education, reducing inequality, ensuring economic sustainability, protecting our shared environment and its biodiversity and tackling climate change. Through this commitment to the UN SDGs we will build on our existing strengths to build a more sustainable society, economy, and environment.

We are a proudly international University. We believe our local actions can have a global impact and it is with immense pride that I introduce this plan, as the culmination of years of growing activity. We’ve embedded sustainability at the very heart of our organisation through signing up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals Accord, we have made great leaps in our green credentials, and with the exceptional work of the Liverpool Guild of Students, we have built a greater culture of environmental accountability on campus.

The next steps for us are ambitious but the issues we face are pressing. This strategic plan creates a long-term vision for our shared future that encapsulates our desire to act as global leaders in environmental, social and corporate sustainability. It will give us a renewed ambition, clarity of purpose, and a guiding framework to reach our goals.

Achieving our ambitions in sustainability will only be possible if we are true to our civic roots, by committing together, as a community, to tackle the issues that challenge our society. I would like to thank my colleagues and our partners for their work so far and for that which is yet to come."

Nicola Davies, Director of FinanceNicola Davies, Director of Finance

"As Chair of the Sustainability Board, I am delighted to introduce our new strategic plan for sustainability. This plan starts from the premise that our own actions—as a society, as an institution, as individuals—have huge impacts on our environment. We are a large community with hundreds of buildings, thousands of commuters, and tens of thousands of students, based on a campus that is rich in green spaces and biodiversity. Our challenge is to harness our expertise and our community spirit to be even more environmentally responsible and to eliminate our negative impacts wherever we can.

Already, our sustainability team has designed and implemented a UKAS (National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom) accredited environmental management system which provides a framework for demonstrating a continuous improvement in reducing environmental impacts. We will use this existing work to become leaders in sustainability to make a bigger difference to our society, economy, and environment.

This plan articulates the central strategy and framework with which we will reach our goal to become a more environmentally and socially sustainable organisation. This work is driven by seven working groups that are aligned to the UN SDGs. Their cumulative efforts form the basis of our strategy to build a more sustainable society through concerted local action.

This strategy is designed for anyone in our University community, colleagues, partners, and students, to pick up and understand at a glance how we’re going to enact the UN SDGs."

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