What drives us

Our sustainability strategy is motivated by and complements the wider ambitions of the University as set out in our Strategy 2026, which commits us to being a leader in research, scholarship, knowledge leadership, and a top 100 global university.

Its goals and ethical rationale are founded on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which give a blueprint for 17 commitments for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Strategy 2026

University of Liverpool Strategy 2026 logo

The University of Liverpool has an overarching mission for ‘the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life’. In Strategy 2026 the University states that by 2026 it aims to be ‘a truly global institution – in its outlook, influence, impact, student body, networks and activity’.

We will do this by:

  1. Harnessing our strengths in research and education to enable the solutions and cultural change necessary for a sustainable future
  2. Being guided by strong ethical principles and deploying our resources sustainably in both short and long-term decision making
  3. Creating a vibrant and sustainable environment in which our staff and students can work, study and live and where their wellbeing is well supported.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As part of its broader strategy, the University has made a commitment to ‘tackling the challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goals both at home and abroad’.

In January 2020 the University formalised its commitment to the UN SDGs by signing the global higher education sector’s SDG Accord in partnership with the Liverpool Guild of Students. By signing the SDG Accord the University has pledged to put the SDGs at the heart of all of its activities. To achieve this we will embed the UN SDGs as a unifying framework across the whole of the University.

The University is undertaking activities relating to all 17 of the UN SDGs, grouped into four themes which also feed into the University’s Strategy 2026.

The four themes are as follows:

  • Partnership: Tackling the challenges of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through a strong global, civic and university partnership
  • Social: Supporting health, education and employment outcomes for our students and for Liverpool and beyond
  • Economic: Supporting social mobility and economic development
  • Environmental: Maximising our positive impact and driving toward a net-zero carbon and sustainable future.

This means we have a single framework in the UN SDGs that we prosecute from a range of perspectives, to maximise involvement, engagement and the likelihood of meeting these stretching ambitions.

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