Year in China

What is the Year in China?

The Year in China is the University of Liverpool's exciting new flagship programme allowing undergraduate students, from a huge range of departments, the opportunity to spend one year at our joint venture, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), following XJTLU's BA China Studies degree classes.

XJTLU is a fully English-speaking university, located in Suzhou, approximately 30 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed train. Our special relationship with XJTLU provides a distinctive and invaluable opportunity for our students to gain experience in the world's second largest economy by studying abroad.

During your time at XJTLU you will be studying:

  • Chinese language
  • China Studies – these modules can be on any topic, e.g. Chinese history, politics or culture
  • Depending on your academic department you may have the opportunity to take modules related to your degree programme in Liverpool

You will live in University approved accommodation. See the XJTLU's accommodation pages for example of the residences available.

How will it fit in with my degree?

  • You would normally go to XJTLU at the end of 2nd year. See below for a list of any exceptions to this or programmes where students can choose which year they participate in Year in China
  • The Year in China will contribute 10% of your final degree mark when you graduate
  • Your degree will extend by one year if you participate in the Year in China, e.g. extending a 3 year programme to a 4 year programme
  • The title of your degree would change to 'Subject' with a Year in China (e.g. BA Philosophy with a Year in China)
  • If you don't pass the Year in China, you'll revert to your original programme and the year will be discounted when calculating your final classification
  • Students on the following programme must participate in Year in China between years 3 and 4

    • MPhys Astrophysics
  • Students on the following programmes can choose to participate in Year in China between years 2 and 3 OR years 3 and 4

    • MEng Avionic Systems
    • MChem Chemistry
    • MChem Chemistry with Nanotechnology
    • MEng Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
    • MEng Computer Science
    • MEcol Ecology & Environment
    • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • MESci Geology & Geophysics
    • MESci Geology & Physical Geography
    • MESci Geology
    • MEng Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
    • MChem Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology
    • MOSci Ocean Science
    • MPhys Physics
    • MPlan Town and Regional Planning

Studying abroad for a semester and the Year in China

It is possible to combine both a semester abroad and the Year in China. However, you can only apply to spend Semester 1 abroad if you want to also undertake the Year in China, as this ensures that you will be back at the University of Liverpool to undertake all of the necessary preparatory work.

Students from departments eligible to replace their 2nd year of study in Liverpool with a year in XJTLU must choose between this option and the Year in China (i.e. you cannot do both).

Are any students not eligible to apply?

Currently, students studying the following degree programmes are not eligible to apply for the Year in China:

  • Dentistry
  • Health Science programmes
  • Graduate Entry Medicine
  • Any programmes which already have either a Year Abroad or Year in Industry/Research which takes place in year three of four
  • Any programme which includes the study of a Modern Language